Write What You Know

With tears streaking down burning cheeks, and adrenaline pumping through her from their heated argument, she slammed the door to her apartment, grabbed her notebook and pen from the shelf and without even taking her coat off, immediately started writing.

She didn’t want to miss out a thing, not a single fleck of emotion from their break-up; wanted it down word for word before she forgot, before she lost the raw emotion she was feeling.

The hours slowly ticked by as she wrote pages upon pages; some frantic – full of passion and fiery tempers – others more thoughtful, reflective of their relationship. The hours turned into days. Words constantly flowing from her being until she found herself with the first draft of her next book.

she called her editor,

“I’ve got a story. it needs polishing, but it’s definitely something the fans would love”

“About time you got passed this writer’s block” retorted her editor.

Hanging up the phone, she went to the bathroom to wash her face. With hands on the side of the sink, she looked into the mirror, studying her dry and puffy eyes. Days of writing through anger and tears had certainly taken their toll. “Only temporary” she smiled to herself, “another one bites the dust”

A few days later, with re-writing well under way, she met up with the girls for wine and a catch up; to toast her new book and celebrate getting rid of another deadbeat boyfriend.

Her friends were eyeing up potential new dates for her when they spotted a handsome, slightly nerdy looking guy making his way to the bar.

“What about him?” one friend nodded in his direction

“He looks like a bit of a mommy’s boy” the other friend giggled.

She looked him up and down, thinking about how none of her stories had a character like him. A new type of love interest would definitely interest her readers. Taking a large swig from her glass she made her way over to him.



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