Meraki – Flash Fiction



Meraki – to do something with soul, creativity, or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work


“This is your best work” she declared, “Just the kind of thing we want for our exhibit. Original. Exciting.”

He smiled at her as she glanced at him – the kind of smile that was forced, that took a lot of energy to muster. The second she turned back to his work, that smile quickly turned into a wince.

He was weak. Incredibly so. It pained him to move and pained him to be still. The time spent on his most recent pieces of art had certainly taken their toll upon his body; but it was worth it.

He wanted to create something that was unique; unlike anything the world had ever seen before, and to have the curator from the country’s best gallery, claiming it to be his best work, was simply the best thing ever. Years of being a failing artist were about to fade away. The blood sweat and tears that went in to it were totally and completely worth it – as were the trimmings from his hair, the clippings from his nails, and the slices of his own skin.

“It’s totally avant garde” claimed the curator


[208 words]


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