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Write What You Know

With tears streaking down burning cheeks, and adrenaline pumping through her from their heated argument, she slammed the door to her apartment, grabbed her notebook and pen from the shelf and without even taking her coat off, immediately started writing.

She didn’t want to miss out a thing, not a single fleck of emotion from their break-up; wanted it down word for word before she forgot, before she lost the raw emotion she was feeling.

The hours slowly ticked by as she wrote pages upon pages; some frantic – full of passion and fiery tempers – others more thoughtful, reflective of their relationship. The hours turned into days. Words constantly flowing from her being until she found herself with the first draft of her next book.

she called her editor,

“I’ve got a story. it needs polishing, but it’s definitely something the fans would love”

“About time you got passed this writer’s block” retorted her editor.

Hanging up the phone, she went to the bathroom to wash her face. With hands on the side of the sink, she looked into the mirror, studying her dry and puffy eyes. Days of writing through anger and tears had certainly taken their toll. “Only temporary” she smiled to herself, “another one bites the dust”

A few days later, with re-writing well under way, she met up with the girls for wine and a catch up; to toast her new book and celebrate getting rid of another deadbeat boyfriend.

Her friends were eyeing up potential new dates for her when they spotted a handsome, slightly nerdy looking guy making his way to the bar.

“What about him?” one friend nodded in his direction

“He looks like a bit of a mommy’s boy” the other friend giggled.

She looked him up and down, thinking about how none of her stories had a character like him. A new type of love interest would definitely interest her readers. Taking a large swig from her glass she made her way over to him.


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This piece is inspired by real life, but given a little bit of exaggeration just to spice things up a bit and make it more interesting. I hope you like it, and I am open to any title sugesstions, S.K …

They stared at each other across the bar. Male ego and testosterone filled the air. Lilly instantly regretted pointing out to new boyfriend Jonny that her ex-boyfriend Dave was in the same bar. She waved and smiled at Dave when he noticed her looking but she didn’t want to go over and say hello; he was with his friends, who she never really liked, but what really held her back was that she could sense Jonny felt threatened. To counteract this, Lilly fawned all over him, hugging, kissing, distracting. Her charms didn’t work though as Jonny continued to give an evil eye. She thought about saying something, but she had only known Jonny for 4 weeks, they were still discovering things about each other and had yet to have a proper talk about exes.  She didn’t want to say anything that might make him more agitated, but she didn’t know what would calm him down either. So she just tried to ignore it in the hope that Jonny would too.

Fed up of the staring though, one of Dave’s friends approached,

“Have you got a problem?”

Dave had followed, trying to keep things calm, but Jonny squared up to him.

Lilly screamed out Dave’s name as he reached his right arm back, and brought it forward, full force, making contact with Jonny’s lip. Jonny, eyes raging, fought back as Lilly watched on, scared. Unknown men jumped in, breaking them apart.

Everyone focused on Jonny, whose lip was bleeding, but Lilly was focused on Dave, who was now walking out. She stormed out after him.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

“He squared up to me Lilly”

“I don’t care…”

Jonny burst through the doors of the bar, interrupting Lilly and going for round 2 with Dave. He was like an animal. Right there on the street they went at it again. And again, unknown men came to split up the fight. One of them even got Dave around the neck and dared him to make one more move.

Lilly’s eyes filled with tears; she felt scared and angry. Whilst the commotion carried on, she slipped back inside. She could feel eyes staring at her but she didn’t care, she just sat on a lonely bar stall. One of the bar staff, someone she knew, offered to get her a drink.

“Jack Daniel’s, straight up” she replied

Lilly hated her drinks neat but right then, she wanted the warming sensation of alcohol on her oesophagus. She had been falling in love with this man, and everything she thought she knew about him had fallen apart in seconds. This sweet, sensitive guy she had been dating had instantaneously turned into a madman. From Jekyll, to Hyde.

Jonny came in to find her, but she avoided eye contact with him. She didn’t want to speak him, didn’t have anything to say even if she did. Didn’t know what to think; what to make of what had just occurred.

He pleaded his case, saying that Dave had threw the first punch, but she knew Dave, he would not have done so if Jonny hadn’t squared up to him.

He kept asking her questions but Lilly didn’t answer. Fed-up of trying to illicit a response, Jonny finally gave up,

“Fine. Have a nice life”

And with that he walked away.

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An Affair Not to Remember

Can’t believe it’s been quite so long since my last piece of flash fiction was posted! Time flies when you’re looking for a proper job… definately didn’t have the time to keep up with the 365 project. I will try to write and post more pieces on a regular basis. Today’s flash fiction is about relationships and how you can never really know somebody. Happy Reading…

His heart stopped as he walked into the bar and saw her sitting there waiting for him. Adrenaline pumped through his body, making his stomach twist in knots and making his knees go weak. Dave couldn’t think of anyone more stunning than she was and although he hadn’t known her long, he knew he was falling madly in love with this beautiful creature.

She flashed him a smile as he made his way to the bar; and having already memorised her favourite drink he waited to be served, not taking his eyes off her at all. The guilt he felt as he left his house, and his fiancée for the supposed “boy’s night out” had completely melted away at the sight of her. He justified himself, thinking about how unhappy he was with the woman he was supposed to be marrying, and how he never intended on meeting someone new, let alone falling for her.

“You look gorgeous Skye” he uttered, sitting down next to her with their drinks.

She smiled awkwardly, not quite believing him. “Where does Sarah think you are?”

Skye knew all about his fiancée, but she didn’t seem put off by it at all. It just wasn’t an issue; Dave was falling for Skye, and he was pretty sure that she was falling for him too, and sometimes you just can’t help who you fall in love with.

They conversed, joked and flirted, getting to know each other better. For the first time in a very long time Dave felt truly relaxed and content. When the conversation came to a comfortable silence, he leaned in slowly, placing a hand on her neck, just behind the ear; Skye leaned in too, melting into him and their lips met for their very first kiss.

Dave had tried to fight his growing feelings for Skye and resist all temptation but he couldn’t help himself anymore; he just had to kiss her. And in that moment Dave knew what he had to do. He had to be completely honest with Sarah, tell her that he had fallen for this person before him. Even if he couldn’t be with Skye in the long term, he knew that he couldn’t be with Sarah anymore; he was just staying with her because he felt he had to, not because he wanted to and that wasn’t fair on him or her. Something had to change.

“I’m going to leave her” he stated,

Skye’s eyes grew bigger at this declaration, “For me?” she asked,

“It’s something I need to do. You in my life would just be a bonus”

Skye looked a little anxious and scared about this development; Dave knew it was way too soon to be talking of a future together. This thing with Skye was new and exciting; he didn’t want to rush anything to later find he had made a mistake just like he had done with Sarah. Once upon a time he had the same feelings for Sarah that he now felt for Skye, but things changed.

He sat looking at Skye, who was looking at him, their arms overlapping on the backs of their chairs, his other hand on her knee; he was so in love with this moment that he didn’t want it to be over, he didn’t want to leave to tell Sarah it was over, that it had been for years, that he only stayed because he felt obligated to. He didn’t want that conversation but he had to. And he was going to have that conversation sooner than he thought.

Dave had got up to get more drinks for himself and Skye. He managed to tear his eyes away from Skye long enough to order but when he looked back towards her, the little bubble he had been in, spending time with this girl he thought was so perfect, was about to burst; the ticking time bomb on his relationship with Sarah was about to explode with possibly catastrophic results. There, sitting with Skye, the object of his affections was Sarah, his unloved fiancée. Not only that, but Sarah was handing an envelope to Skye.

Forgetting the drinks, he slowly managed to walk back to the table, supressing his adrenaline fuelled want to run.

“What’s going on here?”

“erm… I’ll leave you guys to it” Skye uttered, grabbing her bag and getting up to leave

Dave could feel his heart breaking as she walked away, confused at what had just transpired between Skye and Sarah.

“Did you just pay her to leave me alone?” demanded Dave

“No Dave. I just paid her for the service she provided me” Sarah replied “She is what is known as a honey trap”

Dave turned to see Skye as she walked through the door. She was looking at him woefully as realisation set in before turning to walk out of his life.


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25/365 – First Impressions

Day 25 – Inspired by real life, when I held an interesting conversation with a girl I had written off as a complete airhead; reminding me that first impressions aren’t always correct. The character in this piece probably needs a little more developing, so you can really see how snobbish she is in my mind, but as it is, I think this story is rather good…

Vivian sat listening to the conversations being held around her, observing the people as they spoke. She didn’t really want to be at a pub with these people but her friend Larissa had demanded her attendance, not wanting Vivian to be sitting home alone on a Friday night now that she was newly single.

Vivian had met a few of the friends of Larissa’s boyfriend before but she didn’t know them that well and wasn’t particularly interested in getting to know them. Their conversations seemed inane and boring; football blah blah, cars blah blah, rubbish TV blah blah. Why couldn’t they hold a conversation about literature or the theatre; something cultural and less idiotic?

She did attempt to partake in such idiocies but she really didn’t have a clue of how to communicate with these chavvy louts. She was about to give up all attempts, thinking of a quote from Abraham Lincoln, “better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt”, even though she was the smartest one there, when she gave conversation one last go with the quietest one of the group, who wasn’t currently talking to anybody else.

“What do you do?” she asked him, expecting to be bored,

“I’m a research scientist” he replied, “life sciences”

Vivian was stunned. Out of all the professions in the world, she didn’t think for one second that he would respond with that; she expected he would be some kind of office drone, with no real skill at all. She was very impressed that someone so smart was sitting with the group of imbeciles Larissa’s boyfriend cared to associate with. She suddenly found herself very attracted to this man,

“I’m Vivian” she smiled,

“Troy” he smiled back.

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20/365 – Ethel, The Ship, and The Tower

Day 20 – This piece was inspired by a dream I had, probably subconciously thinking about the cruise ship in Italy right now, and for some reason, the woman in my dream was Kate Winslet acting… not only are my dreams random but there’s actually actors in them, like my own personal movie; so strange (but pretty cool). Oh, and the story is very close to the dream I had, with only a few tweeks, I didn’t just watch Titanic. Hope you like it…

The year was 2004; a pretty unremarkable year for me personally, well, except for one remarkable lady who entered and vacated my life at this time. Our story as friends is only a piece of flash fiction, rather than several chapters of a novel, but I’ll never forget the wit and wisdom she shared with me, or the pure loveliness of her.

Her name was Ethel. I met her when I was volunteering my spare time at a residential home, helping to entertain and provide companionship to the elderly. It did take her a while to come out of her shell when I would sit with her in her room, but when she did, she regaled me with her stories. Living through World War I, life as an army nurse during World War II, witnessing the moon landings, and multiple presidents being shot; where she was and what she doing during the recent history of the USA and personal stories of her husband and children.

She really opened up to me; the staff there at the home were really pleased that someone had managed to get through to her. She’d never spoken to them like she did with me and I think most of the staff thought she was a lost cause, not bothering to be social, just waiting for death to take her from this earth.

But I know that she wasn’t actually waiting for death. She was holding out, refusing to die. This was because the frail 99 year old that I visited with had something about her that she wanted the world to believe. She felt she was special and wanted someone to see that. I found this out when one day in mid-July, she said to me,

“You know… I was on board the Titanic, on one of the first lifeboats to be launched”

Before I could respond, she continued,

“I was also in the World Trade Centre, the North tower, when it got hit by those planes, I was only on the ground floor at the time, so I left immediately to avoid the chaos, not knowing how events would unfold. I was quite lucky really”

I looked at Ethel, not quite believing what she had just divulged to me, but looking into her eyes, I could tell she was telling the truth.

I asked her many questions about what she remembered of these events. Although it never occurred to ask what a then 96 year old woman was doing at the World Trade Centre.

“You actually believe me?” she asked

“Of course” I replied

“Oh good” she looked relieved, “everybody else I’ve told, didn’t believe me”

I went home that evening imagining what it would have been like on the titanic, you know, before it sank, all the glamour and majesty of it. When I got through my front door, I told my parents about the wonderful, lovely, special person that Ethel was, telling them that she must be the only person that can boast about being involved in two major events in history.

I went back to her the next day, hoping for more stories involving major events, maybe she had some kind of memorabilia or something I could look at.

The day wouldn’t pan out as I hoped though. Upon my arrival at the residential home, the staff at the desk where I signed in told me that Ethel had passed away; going to sleep, to never wake up again, shortly after I had left her. I was shocked and deeply saddened. I immediately left, wanting to be alone, but instead of going back home, I walked to ground zero. I looked around the site, thinking of Ethel being there on that fateful day and it occurred to me; Ethel had finally found someone who believed what she had about being special. With that she finally let go, comforted in knowing that someone on this earth didn’t write her off as just a crazy old woman.

It was then I decided to write a book in memory of this remarkable woman, writing down her stories as she had told them to me; making sure that everybody knew just how special she was.

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19/365 – Blast from the Past

Day 19 – A piece of flash fiction inspired in part by yesterday’s story. Where that was about running into an ex and actually being ok with it, this story is about seeing an ex after so long and still being angry about what happened between the two of you.

Not what happens in the story below but I found it funny

I had to get out of there. My stomach dropped as soon as I saw him walking in with her. As if Anna’s new boyfriend was him! Two years out of my life and he just happens to turn up here. Never in a million years would I have thought that out of all the guys in the world Anna would choose him. My entire body turned to jelly, my face distorted into shock, and my heart turned heavy at the sight of him. I tried to look ok and relaxed as Anna introduced me to him, oblivious that we already knew each other. He smiled nervously at me, pretending nothing was wrong; I smiled politely, shook his hand and excused myself.

Taking sanctuary in the ladies’ room, the film reel of me and him played in my head. Forgotten memories came screaming back to me.  I paced the sink area remembering how we met, how in love I was, how he lied. My lying, cheating, first love was out there with my best friend. What was I supposed to do? My stomach churned and I started to feel sick. I felt so faint. Anna had told me how crazy she was about him; she was falling in love with this seemingly perfect guy. I had to tell her. But how? I can’t just go out there and call him out in front of her. I can’t embarrass her like that. But, then again, if I tell her when it’s just me and her, he can later lie his way out of it. Whichever way I told her, she was going to get hurt sooner or later. I had to opt for sooner, before she got too deep.

I went back out there, explaining that I had to make a phone call; he looked at me, knowing better. Anna started to make small talk, definitely aware of the tension. He was looking at me, probably trying to work out what I was thinking; he had a look of arrogance tinged with guilt, probably thinking he had got away with it, but still unsure.

My calming heart started to beat faster again. Seeing him sit there, acting like nothing was wrong; what scum! I had to blurt it out to her; I couldn’t let her go on with him. This selfish, coward of a man. He held me up so high just to watch me fall; he lied to me, used me for his twisted game….


The word just came out of me. Anna, completely shocked, looked at me as if I was crazy.

“I can’t let you do this Anna; this man is a liar and a cheat. I know this because I’m his ex-girlfriend”

She sat there, taking in the information, unsure of how to respond. He tried to have his say but I stopped him. I wasn’t going to let him weasel his way out of this,

“Don’t you dare try to defend yourself. You played me, it wasn’t something that just happened, a one-night stand that we could just forget, you had a wife and kids, you lied to me from the beginning. You didn’t even have the guts to tell me too my face, I find out from somebody else and you just bugger off out of my life without a single word!”

“Did you ever think that I lied so I could be with you? I knew that you wouldn’t give me a second look if you knew about my horrible wife.”

“You’re so full of crap, it’s unreal. How can I believe anything you say? Our relationship was based on lies. And if you really wanted to be with me, where the hell you been for the last two years? You don’t love me, never have and never will!”

“that’s not fair”

“Oh I think it is! … Come on Ann… Where’d she go?”

Without listening to him, I grabbed my coat and went outside. She was nowhere to be seen. I knew she’d hate me for this. But I had to do it. I leaned against the wall with a sigh; what a mess.

He had followed me out, apologising for everything. I got angrier as he tried to talk me round,

“Just shut up!”

And I slapped him. After two years of building frustrations towards him, I finally got to have my say, and it felt really good.

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18/365 – We’re Ok

Day 18 – A drabble (exactly 100 words) inspired by Gwen Stefani’s song, ‘I know we’re cool’, about being around an ex, which can sometimes be very awkward indeed…

They looked at each other awkwardly; they were bound to run into each other at some point but Sarah was taken by surprise. While Jack was saying hello to everybody, she just stared at him, as if he was some weird alien. What started out as a kiss between them turned into something good, then something complicated. They started talking as if nothing had happened and the awkwardness just faded away. They had been on one hell of a rollercoaster and after everything that went on they could still be friends. As Sarah left, she whispered “I’m glad we’re cool”


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