Write What You Know

With tears streaking down burning cheeks, and adrenaline pumping through her from their heated argument, she slammed the door to her apartment, grabbed her notebook and pen from the shelf and without even taking her coat off, immediately started writing. She didn’t want to miss out a thing, not a single fleck of emotion from... Continue Reading →



This piece is inspired by real life, but given a little bit of exaggeration just to spice things up a bit and make it more interesting. I hope you like it, and I am open to any title sugesstions, S.K ... They stared at each other across the bar. Male ego and testosterone filled the air.... Continue Reading →

An Affair Not to Remember

Can't believe it's been quite so long since my last piece of flash fiction was posted! Time flies when you're looking for a proper job... definately didn't have the time to keep up with the 365 project. I will try to write and post more pieces on a regular basis. Today's flash fiction is about... Continue Reading →

25/365 – First Impressions

Day 25 - Inspired by real life, when I held an interesting conversation with a girl I had written off as a complete airhead; reminding me that first impressions aren't always correct. The character in this piece probably needs a little more developing, so you can really see how snobbish she is in my mind,... Continue Reading →

18/365 – We’re Ok

Day 18 - A drabble (exactly 100 words) inspired by Gwen Stefani's song, 'I know we're cool', about being around an ex, which can sometimes be very awkward indeed... They looked at each other awkwardly; they were bound to run into each other at some point but Sarah was taken by surprise. While Jack was... Continue Reading →

16/365 – Unpretty

Day 16 - Inspired by the song Unpretty by TLC, this piece of flash fiction sees a girl getting worked up over a bully. I think it shows how fragile and emotional people can be and the emphasis on appearances that seems to inflict our society. I've left an open ending, letting you the reader come... Continue Reading →

15/365 – Emu Lake

Day 15 - This story came about by just batting around a few ideas in my mind. The name of the piece is because the story is set at a theatre production of Swan Lake, but because the main characters are fighting, I replaced swan with emus which are birds known for fighting each other... Continue Reading →

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