Henry VIII I Am – Flash Fiction

They knew as soon as he walked in that he was likely to cause trouble. A crazy dressed as Henry VIII. Just another day in the life of a museum - a home for waifs and strays sometimes. “Sir, please don’t touch the display” “Sir, you can’t touch that!” “Security!” Standing up straight, puffing his... Continue Reading →


Blatherskite – Flash Fiction

Blatherskite:- N:/ A person who talks at great length without making much sense *** It was like she had no filter whatsoever. Every single thought could not simply be thought; they had to always be verbalised, sent out to the world, weather the world wanted to hear them or not. At first you thought she... Continue Reading →

I am Writer!

I have often heard the phrase, "write what you know" and currently, I know blank white pages, so here is an exaggerated version of someone's attempt to write something. Happy Reading ... I am staring into the abyss that is every writer’s worst nightmare… The blank white page. Whether it’s actual paper or the representation... Continue Reading →

29/365 – The Retard Bug

Day 29 - Inspired by a phrase my sister said, I built up this story around it, commenting on society and culture, and how intelligence doesn't win over anymore. It's supposed to be something silly, so please don't get offended by my use of the word retard. Hope you enjoy it... There once was an... Continue Reading →

26/365 – Crimewave

Day 26 - Here's something a little silly and sarcastic, because sometimes you just need to get silly and not take life too seriously. Hope you like it... I was spending Easter Sunday with friends; we were talking, laughing, and eating; the best way to spend any day. I had helped myself to some chocolate... Continue Reading →

25/365 – First Impressions

Day 25 - Inspired by real life, when I held an interesting conversation with a girl I had written off as a complete airhead; reminding me that first impressions aren't always correct. The character in this piece probably needs a little more developing, so you can really see how snobbish she is in my mind,... Continue Reading →

22/365 – At Death’s Door

Day 22 - I wrote this surrounded by tissues and tablets, inspired by my own illness. I chose to make it a drabble, so there isn't a lot of description, and like yesterday's piece it's a stream of consciousness. Happy Reading... It’s consuming my entire body. Feel like I won’t make it through the night;... Continue Reading →

12/365 – Exam Day

Day 12 - A piece of flash fiction to note that my last ever exam at university was one year ago today, on the 12th January 2011. I still had essays to do, and a dissertation, but going to your last ever exam feels like an absolute milestone... It was her last ever exam. Today... Continue Reading →

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