For Life – Flash Fiction

  They had been together for 25 years. Whilst it wasn’t always easy - they certainly had their struggles - they’d made each other’s lives more bearable. Always there for each other. 25 years with the same person. Knowing each other like nobody else could; seeing each other through the bad and the good. It... Continue Reading →


Unopened – Flash Fiction

There it lay before her, unopened. Like a Pandora’s box, she didn’t know what could be unleashed; the havoc it could possibly cause if she opened it. Would Schrödinger’s cat be alive or dead? She couldn’t walk away from it. Fixated by it, by it’s intricate design. Captivating. She was scared, unsure, uncertain of what... Continue Reading →

Dreams – Flash Fiction

She stood face to face with her biggest fear. Her quickening heart was heading toward explosion; her liquefying knees meant she stood no chance of running away from it; and it seemed that every inch of her porcelain skin and long blond hair was breaking out into a cold sweat. “I thought that you were... Continue Reading →

The Boy Who Swallowed a Bubble

I got the idea for this drabble (a 100 word story) from witnessing a little boy eating bubbles. It's a simple idea and just something a little silly to share. Once upon a time there was a boy named Gus. One day, his mother took him to a birthday party. There was a clown blowing... Continue Reading →

22/365 – At Death’s Door

Day 22 - I wrote this surrounded by tissues and tablets, inspired by my own illness. I chose to make it a drabble, so there isn't a lot of description, and like yesterday's piece it's a stream of consciousness. Happy Reading... It’s consuming my entire body. Feel like I won’t make it through the night;... Continue Reading →

18/365 – We’re Ok

Day 18 - A drabble (exactly 100 words) inspired by Gwen Stefani's song, 'I know we're cool', about being around an ex, which can sometimes be very awkward indeed... They looked at each other awkwardly; they were bound to run into each other at some point but Sarah was taken by surprise. While Jack was... Continue Reading →

7/365 – Juicy Lucy

Day 7 - Another drabble, exactly 100 words, this time a little darker in tone. I've found that sometimes the dark side is where the best writing is produced... Part-time stripper, full-time party girl, known to her friends as the bad influence. Voluptuous and curvy, she flaunted her looks to get whatever she wanted. You... Continue Reading →

3/365 – Seen but not Heard

Day 3 - Consisting of 100 words (known as a Drabble) this was inspired by the phrase that parents often tell their children, "children should be seen and not heard". Hope you enjoy it.   Sunday dinner at a nice country pub; How thrilling. Sitting in the corner like a good little girl; always seen... Continue Reading →

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