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Falling Stars – Flash Fiction


With a finger tracing over her skin, she connected the freckles, dot to dot on her arm, tracing out the constellation that she used to be a part of. A constellation forever changed because she was no longer apart of it; but there it was, upon her skin, preserving its place in history. A nod to how it was.
Looking around, she took in the sight of her surroundings. For so long she had glanced down upon the earth from her place in the heavens, and now she was looking at the earth from within it.
She didn’t know what to do with herself now. A life lived up in the skies and then suddenly banished.


Exploring her new surroundings, she quickly got used to her new legs. She traversed through hillsides and woodland for several days before she happened upon any native humans. Spent her days walking and her nights admiring her sisters from a different point of view.
When she came across a small village, she found the natives to be very friendly, even if she didn’t always understand what it was they actually meant. The women got her bathed and gave her new robes to wear, like she was a doll to play with. Everybody was interested in her, asking lots of questions. They had never met an actual star before.
“What are you doing here then, and not up there?” asked one gentleman, pointing skyward.
“Well, I was banished” she stated, thinking this should’ve been general knowledge.
“how can a star be banished?” asked another
Her face grew sad, “I’d started to collapse,” she spoke softly, “I would’ve gone eventually, but on my own terms and in my own way – out with a bang and not a fizzle. They don’t want you breaking formation unless it’s on their terms though”

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The Village Mob

Wow. Can’t quite believe it has been so long since I last posted a piece of flash fiction. I don’t have any excuses really… just life and a lack of great ideas. This new story though was inspired by people who interfere in other people’s lives, who make assumptions and judge before getting to know the real facts. I’ve really tried to create an old style fairy-tale with the imagery used. I hope you enjoy it. SK.

The mob of villagers chased her down. Pitchforks and burning torches were thrust dramatically into the rainy sky like trophies as they followed her, after her blood.

With her heart pounding out of her chest, her legs weak with fear she ran. They chased her, followed her, as she ran beyond the village, and through the rotting undergrowth of the woodland floor. Weaving her way through, she hoped they would trip over roots, be caught amongst the branches, and fall over each other, injuring themselves with their own makeshift weapons.

She ignored the tearing of her dress and skin on the thick bramble, using all her energy and adrenaline to keep moving forward. She had no idea where she was going, hoping that the villagers would tire and give up before she did.

As she advanced deeper into the woods, she lost her balance several times trying to navigate through the darkness; eventually catching her foot and falling to the ground.

Her ankle had twisted; she tried to get back up but couldn’t bear weight on it, falling to the ground again. The orange glow of burning torches grew bigger, faded chants became stronger. She remained on the ground, the rain becoming heavier, stinging her skin, as she awaited her fate.

If she had known that dating the local nice guy would end up like this, she wouldn’t have agreed to go out with him. She knew how into each other’s businesses the entire village were, but didn’t think that splitting up with him would bring so much trouble.

“There she is!” someone shouted. And within seconds, she was surrounded.
Unmoving, she remained where she was, looking up to the canopy above, rain still falling.

“How could you dump him?”

“He’s such a nice guy!”

“You were using him weren’t you?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” she sat up to defend herself. “Yes, I dumped him. But not because I’m just that mean. I dumped him, because he cheated on me! God, where do you get this information? You just make assumptions don’t you? You listen to idle gossip and never care for getting the real facts; never believing that the local “nice guy” could ever do such a thing.”

The villagers were silent, stunned by her outburst, stunned by the truth. The local nice guy wasn’t that nice after all.

They helped her to her feet, and started back toward the village; using pitchforks as walking aides and remaining in relative silence, they let the events of that night wash away.

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9/365 – A Modern Twist on a Fairytale

Day 9 – A modern twist on a fairytale is not going to be the proper title of this piece, but for now it perfectly describes what to expect from this flash fiction which was inspired by real life; it has been greatly exaggerated though.     Enjoy…

Once there was a girl named Sarah. She was a young, fun-loving, fair maiden with an almost perfect life. I say almost because, although she had a job she excelled at and a big group of family and friends who loved her, she had a boyfriend who was quite frankly, a prick.

He treated her with disregard; adhering very much to the “treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen” philosophy. He would ignore her phone calls and texts, only responding when he wanted to, keeping her hanging, wondering what was going on, fearing that she was losing him. He would sometimes embarrass her in front of her friends, starting arguments over nothing at all. Sometimes he would start arguments with her because she was being too clingy and desperate for his liking, which can be annoying, but you can’t blame Sarah for wanting to know what was going on with him; his overall behaviour was very shady indeed… he’d speak in riddles; lie about what he was doing and where he was. Not good boyfriend behaviour at all.

And Sarah put up with it because she loved him. It’s easy to see why with his good looks and bad boy charm, and actually being very adoring if he felt like it. Sarah was the kind of person who fell hard in love. If a guy was lucky enough to be loved by Sarah, he’d become the centre of her world; she’d do anything for the one she loved, including forgiving all his major flaws. I suppose you could say that Sarah was blinded by love; you could treat her any which way you wanted and you’d be forgiven anything because she loved you, because she wouldn’t leave the one she loved.

One day, after yet another episode of her boyfriend being shady, lying, possibly cheating or doing drugs, Sarah lay on her bed alone, crying into her pillow. She looked at her phone, seeing all the messages she had sent him, to none of which he had replied. Many scenarios were running through her mind; after the initial fears of him in an accident, possibly in hospital, she thought of the more likely situations he was in… with another girl? Maybe in a back alley smoking weed? Or just ignoring her calls and texts as he sits in his own home, playing on the X box?

She cried some more into her pillow when she felt someone on the bed next to her. She turned over and sitting on the bed, watching over her was a complete stranger. Sarah was about to scream out, lash out at this stranger who had trespassed into her home when the stranger spoke,

“Don’t be alarmed, I am here to help you dear Sarah” came a softly spoken voice, “my name is Clairabel”

Sarah was stunned, confused. She wiped the tears that remained on her cheeks away and sat up in bed to face Clairabel.

“Help me with what exactly?”

“You’re boyfriend trouble of course”

“How do you know about my boyfriend?”

“I know everything” Clairabel smiled.

Sarah sat looking at this figure on her bed, not knowing what to say

Clairabel continued, “I know he doesn’t always treat you right; that you spend a lot of the time crying over him, rather than being happy with him. I know you are so in love with him that it doesn’t matter how he treats you, as long as he says that he loves you to; even if he didn’t say, you’d desperately try to hang on to him, unable to see yourself with anybody else.”

Sarah listened, feeling slightly disappointed in herself.

“Now, I’m no fairy godmother, I’m not going to point a wand and fix everything for you; you’ve got to fix it for yourself; my only power, is the power of words. I can tell you what I see, how it affects you and how it will affect your relationships with your friends and family, and I can tell you how things should be, but it’s up to you to do something about your situation”

Sarah nodded in understanding.

“You know that the bad times with him outweigh the good times. You know that you don’t feel secure with him, that you don’t trust him… deep down you know, but you have to admit it out loud to yourself and others. Do you really want a life like this? Can you really imagine having his kids, trying to explain to them where their father is when he’s god knows where? Do you really see him turning up on your wedding day? If he does turn up, you really think he won’t be hungover or off his head? It’s not much a life Sarah. I know you love him so much, but ask yourself something… do you completely, 100%, with your whole life, trust this man? Because without that, you will never be happy and secure in this relationship. A miserable, insecure existence is not what you want.”

Sarah closed her eyes and scrunched up her face in pain. With a sigh she opened them to find Clairabel had vanished. She couldn’t make any sense of what had just happened, she knew it was real, but it wasn’t normal. Was Clairabel some kind of guardian angel or something?

Sarah remained on her bed for some time. No more tears fell as she thought through everything that Clairabel had said. She knew this angel type person was right. She couldn’t imagine herself without the boyfriend, but she couldn’t go on in the existence they had been living, stuck in a cycle of adoration, arguing, ignoring, possibly cheating.

She started to process her thoughts, a possible plan of action to move on in her life and find true happiness and security, when her mobile phone burst into life.

“Hey honey, you ok?” came the voice of a now happy boyfriend who wanted to speak to her,

“Hey” she smiled; forgetting everything Clairabel had made her realise.

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