A Natural End

I sat opposite her, an uncomfortable silence hung in the air between us; like we were strangers unsure of what to talk about. I didn’t feel the need or urge to tell her anything. Everything we’d usually talk about just didn’t seem of importance - we didn’t want to talk anymore. We fiddled with our... Continue Reading →


Cheer Up Love

“Cheer up love; can’t be that bad.” Snapping out of her daze and stopping in her tracks, Lola looked around for the voice that was obviously talking to her. “Excuse me?” she said, spotting two men in hi-vis jackets, sitting in their van at the side of the road. “Cheer up” one of the men... Continue Reading →

The Boy Who Swallowed a Bubble

I got the idea for this drabble (a 100 word story) from witnessing a little boy eating bubbles. It's a simple idea and just something a little silly to share. Once upon a time there was a boy named Gus. One day, his mother took him to a birthday party. There was a clown blowing... Continue Reading →

The Girl in the Green Tshirt

The idea for this story came about whilst thinking about break-ups and how people dread running into their exes. I thought it was a decent idea and makes for a really good piece of flash fiction. I hope you enjoy it too. SK ... The memory of her haunts me. I always regretted what I... Continue Reading →


The idea for this 125 word piece of flash fiction came to me when I was wondering round the Eden Project in Cornwall. It is more a snapshot of a life than a complete story in terms of a beginning, a middle and an end, but I like it and wanted to share it. SK...... Continue Reading →

The Village Mob

Wow. Can't quite believe it has been so long since I last posted a piece of flash fiction. I don't have any excuses really... just life and a lack of great ideas. This new story though was inspired by people who interfere in other people's lives, who make assumptions and judge before getting to know... Continue Reading →

An Affair Not to Remember

Can't believe it's been quite so long since my last piece of flash fiction was posted! Time flies when you're looking for a proper job... definately didn't have the time to keep up with the 365 project. I will try to write and post more pieces on a regular basis. Today's flash fiction is about... Continue Reading →

28/365 – Charity Shop Blues

Day 28 - A little something inspired by my purchase of a book in a charity shop. Hope you like it... I sit here, rejected, on this shelf, surrounded by others who have been rejected too. Not good enough, not loved enough, maybe never even loved at all. We look out at the new world... Continue Reading →

27/365 – In Hospital

  Day 27 - A story very close to my heart, inspired by real life, but edited and exaggerated... I stood over her hospital bed, looking down at her drifting in and out of sleep. This could be her last day on earth; hell it could be mine, I could get hit by a bus... Continue Reading →

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