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Curiosity Killed the Cat

A little exercise in creating tension and mystery. I like to think that I haven’t done too badly, but either way, I would love to receive any comments or feedback. Happy reading, SK.


No one was home, but she felt the need to tiptoe, moving swiftly and easily around the living room. She had no idea what she was looking but knew there had to be something. He had changed and she needed to know why. She couldn’t explain it; she just felt it in her gut that something was not right. Sometimes he acted perfectly normal, but other times he was overcompensating for something, definitely indicating his guilty conscience.

She snooped and spied amongst his possessions but everything was in its place, meticulously organised as always. Nothing out of the ordinary. She rummaged through his office; maybe there was a paper trail that would lead to the truth. Nothing. Becoming frantic she started searching every single cupboard and drawer in the house. There had to be something to confirm her suspicions, to satisfy her curiosity.

Looking at the clock, knowing he would soon be home, she was about to give up, pulling out one last drawer. In her disappointed, unsatisfied state, she pulled the drawer completely out of the unit, noticing something very shiny and very black hidden in the space beneath it. A small, locked box she had never seen before.

A renewed vigour pulsed through her veins. She was about to get some answers. Feeling time running out, she frantically picked at it, forcing it open so she could finally know his secrets.

Flicking through every item in that box, realisation slowly formed and her heart palpitated as the truth sunk in. what she didn’t know, however, was that in her flustered attempt to get the box open and reveal its contents, her husband had arrived home.

And there, sitting on the floor of the living room, the true identity of her husband before her, she inhaled her last breath. She should not have found out what she did, so he had to kill her.


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An Affair Not to Remember

Can’t believe it’s been quite so long since my last piece of flash fiction was posted! Time flies when you’re looking for a proper job… definately didn’t have the time to keep up with the 365 project. I will try to write and post more pieces on a regular basis. Today’s flash fiction is about relationships and how you can never really know somebody. Happy Reading…

His heart stopped as he walked into the bar and saw her sitting there waiting for him. Adrenaline pumped through his body, making his stomach twist in knots and making his knees go weak. Dave couldn’t think of anyone more stunning than she was and although he hadn’t known her long, he knew he was falling madly in love with this beautiful creature.

She flashed him a smile as he made his way to the bar; and having already memorised her favourite drink he waited to be served, not taking his eyes off her at all. The guilt he felt as he left his house, and his fiancée for the supposed “boy’s night out” had completely melted away at the sight of her. He justified himself, thinking about how unhappy he was with the woman he was supposed to be marrying, and how he never intended on meeting someone new, let alone falling for her.

“You look gorgeous Skye” he uttered, sitting down next to her with their drinks.

She smiled awkwardly, not quite believing him. “Where does Sarah think you are?”

Skye knew all about his fiancée, but she didn’t seem put off by it at all. It just wasn’t an issue; Dave was falling for Skye, and he was pretty sure that she was falling for him too, and sometimes you just can’t help who you fall in love with.

They conversed, joked and flirted, getting to know each other better. For the first time in a very long time Dave felt truly relaxed and content. When the conversation came to a comfortable silence, he leaned in slowly, placing a hand on her neck, just behind the ear; Skye leaned in too, melting into him and their lips met for their very first kiss.

Dave had tried to fight his growing feelings for Skye and resist all temptation but he couldn’t help himself anymore; he just had to kiss her. And in that moment Dave knew what he had to do. He had to be completely honest with Sarah, tell her that he had fallen for this person before him. Even if he couldn’t be with Skye in the long term, he knew that he couldn’t be with Sarah anymore; he was just staying with her because he felt he had to, not because he wanted to and that wasn’t fair on him or her. Something had to change.

“I’m going to leave her” he stated,

Skye’s eyes grew bigger at this declaration, “For me?” she asked,

“It’s something I need to do. You in my life would just be a bonus”

Skye looked a little anxious and scared about this development; Dave knew it was way too soon to be talking of a future together. This thing with Skye was new and exciting; he didn’t want to rush anything to later find he had made a mistake just like he had done with Sarah. Once upon a time he had the same feelings for Sarah that he now felt for Skye, but things changed.

He sat looking at Skye, who was looking at him, their arms overlapping on the backs of their chairs, his other hand on her knee; he was so in love with this moment that he didn’t want it to be over, he didn’t want to leave to tell Sarah it was over, that it had been for years, that he only stayed because he felt obligated to. He didn’t want that conversation but he had to. And he was going to have that conversation sooner than he thought.

Dave had got up to get more drinks for himself and Skye. He managed to tear his eyes away from Skye long enough to order but when he looked back towards her, the little bubble he had been in, spending time with this girl he thought was so perfect, was about to burst; the ticking time bomb on his relationship with Sarah was about to explode with possibly catastrophic results. There, sitting with Skye, the object of his affections was Sarah, his unloved fiancée. Not only that, but Sarah was handing an envelope to Skye.

Forgetting the drinks, he slowly managed to walk back to the table, supressing his adrenaline fuelled want to run.

“What’s going on here?”

“erm… I’ll leave you guys to it” Skye uttered, grabbing her bag and getting up to leave

Dave could feel his heart breaking as she walked away, confused at what had just transpired between Skye and Sarah.

“Did you just pay her to leave me alone?” demanded Dave

“No Dave. I just paid her for the service she provided me” Sarah replied “She is what is known as a honey trap”

Dave turned to see Skye as she walked through the door. She was looking at him woefully as realisation set in before turning to walk out of his life.


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14/365 – The Mystery of Sunny Day Care

Day 14 – A friend of mine gave me the idea for this piece. Inspired by my job cleaning a children’s nursery. It’s my second piece about a nursery in 4 days, so definately going to branch out more for my settings in the future.

Every morning when the nursery nurses of Sunny Day Care arrived they would find the place in a complete state of disarray. Toys would be scattered everywhere; paint would be dripping off every available surface; and their paperwork would be torn and shredded. It would be a complete nightmare, and wasn’t a very good thing for the parents to be seeing when they came to drop off their little monsters. An absolutely horrible day ensued, juggling childcare and cleaning the tip the nursery had become overnight.

The first time it happened, everybody pointed their finger at the cleaner, the last person to leave the nursery at the end of the day. She pleaded innocence but the management quickly disposed of her; sending her away to a jobless existence; they weren’t going to believe her when it was obviously her; it could not have been anybody else.

When it happened for a second time, they all blamed the cleaner again, suggesting she had a copy of the key and did it because she was angry at being sacked; but that theory didn’t explain why she would have done it in the first place.

It happened many more times, with the management even contacting the police, wanting them to search the cleaner’s possessions for the key. However, there was no key to be found.

The owner of the nursery finally decided to place hidden cameras around the place to film any nightly activities. What they showed the next morning was astonishing. The staff would not have believed it if they weren’t looking at cold hard proof.

The cause of the nightly shenanigans, the perpetrator, the one causing chaos at this little neighbourhood nursery… a beanbag.

A somehow enchanted beanbag would stir, as if it was awaking and then proceed to trash the nursery; spoiling the children’s artwork, breaking toys, toppling the bins over. The beanbag seemed to hate the nursery with a passion, enjoying its rampage of the place. Trashing everything from dusk until dawn.

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