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365 No More

I have decided to stop carrying on with my 365 project. This is because I simply cannot commit my time to it anymore. I need to prioritise things and right now my priority is finding a job and earning some money; and writing such a short piece surprisingly takes up quite a bit of my time.

I’m quite gutted that my time management skills are rubbish, but with the continuing job hunt, my evening work, and writing for an online magazine, it just makes sense to focus my time elsewhere than on the 365 project. Instead I’m going to aim to write a piece of flash fiction at least once a week; it seems like a much easier challenge at this time in my life and I can write more pieces if I feel like I do have the time.

I was thinking about the future a few days ago, specifically about holding down a day job with regular income, and earning the money so I can get my own place, when the thought of actually having to stop writing altogether in order to do this made me extremely heartbroken. I never realised just how important to me writing had become. The emotional sap that I am even started to tear up at the thought of not writing; the thought of losing my voice, my creativity; turning my back on all these characters, leaving them destined to remained locked in my mind. That one moment, made me 100%, completely, without a doubt, certain that writing is me; it is a part of who I am, so I’m never going to give up on that. I will always write, and if it can’t be at the forefront of my life, than it will always be in the background. So, even though I’m putting a stop to my 365 project, just 30 days in, it doesn’t mean that the flash fiction is going to stop.

I’m pretty proud that I’ve managed to get to 30 days anyway. Not so long ago, I watched a video online which was about setting yourself 30 day challenges. Giving yourself 30 days to stop bad habits, or try something new, to make life more exciting. [See the video for yourself at the bottom of the page]. I have done a 30 day challenge before, with National Novel Writing Month, so now I have two months’ worth of writing and to show for it, I have the first draft of a novel and 30 pieces of flash fiction; not too bad really.

So, now I’m going to update the about page on flashfiction365 and get back to jobhunting; making a note of any ideas I get for new pieces as I go along, saving them for when I do have the time to write and share with you all my stories. So just watch this space.


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