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Love is Blind – Flash Fiction


She strode across the room of the restaurant and punched him square on the nose.

People at the nearby tables stopped with forks mid air to watch this drama unfolding. Dinner and a show. She felt a teeny bit thrilled at the prospect of embarrassing him – she knew how he hated to look bad in front of others – but decided to take the rest of this interaction outside.

“I’m sorry” she half-smiled as he held tissues to his nose and tilted his head skyward.

“Yeah, where the hell did that come from? I know I dumped you and all but seriously, no need” he half smiled back to her.

Honestly, she wasn’t expecting herself to be so angry upon seeing him again. She thought she was over it, but obviously there were some residual emotions there. She watched him for a moment, and then looking around at their surroundings she began to chuckle.

“You have no clue” she stated

He looked at her from behind his wad of tissues; dazed and confused.

“About what you did to me – you have no clue”

“What I did? You brought about the end of our relationship, I just finished it properly”

He was getting defensive, as he always did. It made her sad to think that some things never changed. She liked to think that she had though – wiser, stronger, more willing to say her piece than the timid shy girl she had been when they were together. Definitely not scared to start an argument with him now.

“Y’know, I often think of how close we were to physical violence; a few more months maybe? Would it have started then?”

“What the fuck, Lucy”

“Well you definitely had the emotional abuse down Johnny”

“What? You’re crazy”

“Remember that night? The beginning of the end? It all started because you uttered the words, “If you don’t come over than you don’t love me”, that’s emotional blackmail Johnny, and what’s scary is you don’t even realise you do it”

He looked at her, not saying a word. Finally, something that made him speechless.

“I want to thank you though,” she continued, “You see I was kinda dumb to these things; some say that love is blind to faults, and it was only by you dumping me that I could begin to see clearly the kind of person you were. I saw clearly that you were a controlling, self-obsessed excuse for a man. That our relationship was surely on the edge of being deemed domestic abuse. I wanna thank you for releasing me sooner rather than later; for making me see the truth.”

She could see that he was trying to prepare an argument, his defence to dispute everything she had just said, so she calmly got up, kissed him on the cheek and walked away.


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I should probably state from the outset that this piece is about domestic violence. I have written on this subject before but in this piece I’m trying to be different by writing from the perspective of the abuser. I am aware that not all “abusers” are like this, and that domestic violence is never this simple; I’m just trying something. I hope that you like it. SK

I awoke in an empty bed. Stacey was gone. I noticed bruising on my knuckles and instantly grew frustrated with myself. Letting out a heavy sigh, I reclined back down, brought her pillow to my face and with a growl, I let out my frustrations.

I had been doing so well, learning to control my temper, to voice my concerns calmly and rationally. I was becoming a better man for her. But when I got angry I was like a monster unleashed who didn’t care who he hurt. I couldn’t even remember what had made me angry last night; what had set me off. I don’t remember hitting anything. Must be getting worse if I don’t even remember lashing out. Maybe I should double up on the counselling sessions, spend a little time away from Stacey, give her a break from me; that’s if she hasn’t left me for good. Not that I would blame her; she deserves so much better than me.

I really wasn’t a bad guy. I didn’t stop her seeing her friends or tell her how to dress – I just got angry over sometimes stupid things, we’d have blazing rows and then I would just see red.

I lay in that bed, frustrated, but talking myself through the steps, calming myself down. I heard the front door open and close. Unsure of what to do, not remembering that I lashed out at her, I stayed where I was as Stacey approached the bedroom.

“Hey you” she chirped, “got us some coffee”

She reached out her hand to give me the still hot Starbucks cup.

“I thought you had left me?” I uttered, somewhat confused

Stacey looked at me, also confused.

“You were gone… my knuckles are bruised… I thought that you had left me because I hit you again”

“You didn’t hit me” she replied

Then she smiled and pointed at something behind me. Turning, I saw that my bedside table had a fist-sized dent in it.

“Happened about three o’clock this morning, I did get a little scared and went downstairs, but when I came back you were still spark out and looked calm and peaceful.”

“I hit the bedside table? It still could’ve been you; what if I hit you in my sleep?”

“Honey, the doctor says you’ve come on really well; you can speak to her about it if you’re really concerned, but you are doing so much better”

A sense of calm saturated me as she said this. I knew she meant it and right there, I fell a little bit more in love with her.


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