Dreams – Flash Fiction

She stood face to face with her biggest fear. Her quickening heart was heading toward explosion; her liquefying knees meant she stood no chance of running away from it; and it seemed that every inch of her porcelain skin and long blond hair was breaking out into a cold sweat. “I thought that you were... Continue Reading →



My eyes were fixed blankly on the computer screen in front of me, unaware of the people and conversations that surrounded me. I was bored. Fed-up. Unproductive. Day-dreaming of better days to come yet annoyed with myself for not putting in the effort to make future dreams a reality. I wanted to be anywhere except... Continue Reading →

12/365 – Exam Day

Day 12 - A piece of flash fiction to note that my last ever exam at university was one year ago today, on the 12th January 2011. I still had essays to do, and a dissertation, but going to your last ever exam feels like an absolute milestone... It was her last ever exam. Today... Continue Reading →

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