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Mood Ring – Flash Fiction


Mood Ring Flash Fiction - Life of Fiction

Her hands were warm, unusually so, and there was something about her smile that made his stomach flip, and not in a good way.

Greeting each other as they usually did, they began walking in the direction of his parents’ house for their first meeting with her, his new girlfriend. It was the first time they would be meeting a girlfriend of his, and though he had been feeling pretty good about it – Jessica was an amazing person – he now felt a sense of unease.

As they walked hand in hand, he was very aware and conscious of the fact that there was something different about her. There were no obvious changes; she still looked the same height; her dirty blonde hair was still long, just touching the curve of her buttocks; even the trio of freckles that graced her neck were still in place; but there was something very very different about her. Something in her being had shifted; something about the way she made him feel. Something was not right.

She had been talking away whilst his mind was trying to figure out what had changed. When she came to a pause, expecting him to make some kind of response to what she had been saying, he simply blurted,

“Who are you? And where’s the real Jessica?”

Stopping in his tracks, he looked agitated and confused. “You are not the person I’ve come to know. You are not my Jessica!” He declared.

She looked into his eyes, and scrunched her mouth to one side, considering her words;

“I am Jessica. It’s just…” she trailed off.

He stood waiting for an answer to his questions, examining her face as the world rushed around them. It was her eyes – there was something different about her eyes.

“I was hoping that I’d ease you into this more gently,” she continued, “in my own time, when our relationship wasn’t still so new”

“Ease me into what?” he shuffled his feet awkwardly, placing his hands in his pockets.

Taking a deep breath, she spoke quietly, with just a hint of hesitation,

“There are things about me that can change… depending on the kind of mood that I am in. It was something I was born with. When people find out, they just think I’m some kinda freak”

He stood there pretending to consider what she had just admitted, trying not to snigger at something that sounded so absurd.

She continued, ‘So right now, I’m feeling nervous. As well as butterflies in my stomach, my hands aren’t their usual cool temperature, and my eyes have probably taken on a yellowy, orange kind of tinge.”

“So… you’re kinda like a mood ring?” he mused

She stared at him, a little unimpressed, before giggling at his suggestion;

“Yes,” she laughed, playfully hitting his chest, “exactly like a mood ring… You do not want to see me when I am angry” she pointed at him in mock warning.

Taking her unusually warm hand in his, he swung their arms as they carried on walking to his parents’ house.

He considered what he had just found out;

“Hey, if I can tell what mood you are in, I’ll know how to make you feel better. Making me the best boyfriend ever!”


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Cheer Up Love

“Cheer up love; can’t be that bad.”

Snapping out of her daze and stopping in her tracks, Lola looked around for the voice that was obviously talking to her.

“Excuse me?” she said, spotting two men in hi-vis jackets, sitting in their van at the side of the road.

“Cheer up” one of the men repeated.

The phrase echoed in Lola’s mind. Amongst the feelings of loss, heartbreak and anxiety, a new emotion began to grow inside her.

Every emotion she had been feeling were now under attack, now building up to defend themselves; to show themselves as anger.

She moved closer to the van.

“Excuse me, but what business of yours is it that you feel the need to tell me what to do? You have absolutely no idea of what I am going through and I am perfectly within my rights to look miserable if I want to; there is no law against it you know. Just because your life is obviously hunky dory, it doesn’t mean that everybody else’s is. It is so ignorant of you to tell complete strangers to cheer up. I will do so in my own time thank you very much, when the initial wave of my miserableness has receded enough for me to find happiness in the things I am doing once more. I just hope that when something in your life causes you misery and anguish, that there will be no jerk around, thinking he’s a big man in a big van telling you to cheer the fuck up. What did you think was going to happen when you uttered those words at me? That I would just forget my present emotional traumas and say “Yes. Yes man in a van, I’ll cheer up just because you told me so; the upheaval and distress currently in my life actually isn’t that bad”? Well it feels that bad to me, so excuse me if my face is a reflection of that, rather than an attempt to look happy for the satisfaction of complete strangers I care nothing about, and who clearly have a happy and idyllic life and feel the need to tell others what to do!”

Lola’s stream of anger-fuelled words came to a stop. She looked at the two men, feeling drained but relieved at her own outburst, their faces were pale, shocked by the tirade she had just unleashed upon them. They didn’t have a response for her. She stood staring at them, expecting an apology to come, but it didn’t. Something had changed in these men. Lola stepped closer to the van again, studying their frozen faces when suddenly a spark came from the ears of both men, and their faces began to melt. Skin oozed downwards; eyes gave way to noses; noses to mouths; morphing into gelatinous material until there were two men with no heads at all.

Lola raised her eyebrows at them, knowing she had won this little battle of life, and turned to walk away.

 walking away

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