The Idiot’s Lantern – Poem

The more you stare The less you actually see. Your mind absorbed, Turned into mush Looking at the pretty light   © Life of Fiction 2018


Here We Go Again – Flash Fiction

She sat on the bonnet of his car. Her last-ditch attempt to stop him from leaving. He wasn’t bothered though; just another one of her stunts. As he switched on the ignition, her anger and adrenaline skyrocketed. “you won’t hurt me!” she declared, rousing the neighbours from the breakfasts, “You won’t hurt me! It’s assault!”... Continue Reading →

Let It Burn – Flash Fiction

The fire was getting closer. She was unable to move. Stuck. In Fear. All she could do was watch as the flames danced and flared. The smoke was growing thicker and darker. It burned at her nasal and vocal passages, making her cough and sputter. The heat making her skin break out in sweat. The... Continue Reading →

Trapped – Flash Fiction

He whizzed round and round, rebounding off every surface he came into contact with. Confined. Desperately looking for an out. He could see the outside world, but couldn’t reach it. Wanted to be anywhere but here. He hated feeling so small, so confined. He wasn’t designed to be that way. How he longed to travel... Continue Reading →

Anxious – Flash Fiction

A wave of anxiety washed over her. Heart beat racing, hands clammy, stomach in need of being still. A tightness lay claim to her throat, giving her the urge to heave, but there was nothing to bring up. Her mind tried to comprehend; he’s been in an accident. He could be seriously injured - what... Continue Reading →

For Life – Flash Fiction

  They had been together for 25 years. Whilst it wasn’t always easy - they certainly had their struggles - they’d made each other’s lives more bearable. Always there for each other. 25 years with the same person. Knowing each other like nobody else could; seeing each other through the bad and the good. It... Continue Reading →

It Goes On – Prose Piece

The world didn’t stop because he had. It continued on it’s axis of perpetual motion through time and space as it had always done. His death was of no consequence to the rest of the population - they went about their mediocre lives as usual. They’d feel this kind of pain one day. One day... Continue Reading →

Veiled Lies – Flash Fiction

The music started up, full of pomp and circumstance. Standing at the church doors, having been calm all morning, she felt her heart beat faster; full of nerves and happy anxieties. Grabbing hold of her father’s arm after one final adjustment of her thick veil, they stepped off. The congregation all stood and turned to... Continue Reading →

Hiding Place – Flash Fiction

She had walked around the museum for an hour before coming across the collection of Japanese pottery. It was the only thing she had been interested in. she was awed by the intricate design and detail of the vases and urns. The light of the room perfectly reflected in the flecks of gold embedded in... Continue Reading →

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