Greyscale – Flash Fiction

Once I noticed this girl watching me, that was it, I saw her everywhere. It seemed kind of endearing at first - like she just happened to be in the same place as me, and was perhaps a little too shy to randomly come up to me. But it quickly became clear that it wasn’t... Continue Reading →


Shared Feelings – Flash Fiction

They’d been working together in silence. A comfortable silence. They each got on with their own work, doing what they had to do with no chatter, no laughter. It certainly wasn’t unusual for them to do so, but it was definitely not the norm to be so quiet, so engrossed in their own work. “You... Continue Reading →

Meraki – Flash Fiction

  Meraki - to do something with soul, creativity, or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work ***** “This is your best work” she declared, “Just the kind of thing we want for our exhibit. Original. Exciting.” He smiled at her as she glanced at him - the kind of smile... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of Her

Day after day, year after year, he had said nothing of his affections. He often thought about doing so, of coming right out with it but he just couldn’t do it. Scared of more rejection, the fear of being even more alone if she spurned him. The one time he did try to tell her... Continue Reading →


My eyes were fixed blankly on the computer screen in front of me, unaware of the people and conversations that surrounded me. I was bored. Fed-up. Unproductive. Day-dreaming of better days to come yet annoyed with myself for not putting in the effort to make future dreams a reality. I wanted to be anywhere except... Continue Reading →

Day 30 – Not A Robot

Day 30 - Inspired by the lyrics "I'm not a robot", by Marina and the Diamonds, I've created this little piece. It feels like it needs more description and detail, but as a piece of Flash Fiction, I think it works. Happy Reading... Geena was overworked and underpaid. Spending her days running between meetings, updating... Continue Reading →

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